Pro Starter

What is Pro Starter?

Pro Starter is an App for athletes who want to practice starts while training.

If you are training alone or each athlete wants to start at the same time, Pro Starter will be your starter. Place it on the start line and press Start. Pro Starter will call out clear commands of a normal athletic Start Sequence.

The Start Sequence is: “On Your Marks”, “Set”, and pistol fire.

How do I use it?

It's easy! Place your Apple device next to you on the Start line and tap Start.

You control the timed gaps between the commands using the stretch ribbon control in the middle of the screen.

About Pro Starter Screen

Under "Settings" you can also enable “Gun Variance”. This will vary the time between “Set” and the pistol fire. The variance will help you practice for races when starters are inconsistent at competitions.

Use Pro Starter Connect to enable remote starts and timing.


Block Starts
Set the time between "On Your Marks" and "Set" to 17 seconds and "Set" to "Go" to 1.7 seconds.

Standing Starts
Set the time between "On Your Marks" and "Set" to 6 seconds and "Set" to "Go" to 1.5 seconds.